I add link behaviours to some of my links.

Begin micro-behaviour


Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for the-links in-link-from the-other                   
substitute-text-area-for delay 0                              
ask the-links 
    [add-link-behaviours-after delay 
      list-of-micro-behaviours "Link Behaviours" []]
End NetLogo code


Add micro-behaviours to the list by clicking on the micro-behaviour and navigating back to this page. You can delay this by editing the field that contains 0. You can change the expression that specifies the link or links involved. See the NetLogo section of the manual on links for details.

Related Micro-behaviours

ADD-BEHAVIOURS adds behaviours to this agent instead of its links. It uses the-other to refer to another agent.

Note only some behaviours make sense for a link. For example, SET-COLOR works fine but SET-SHAPE makes no sense.


This was first implemented by Ken Kahn on 6 October 2009.