Collective decision-making in animal groups

The micro-behaviours are based upon the following article.

Couzin, I. D., Krause, J., Franks, N. R. & Levin, S.A.(2005) Effective leadership and decision making in animal groups on the move Nature 433, 513-516.

DIRECTION-TO-AVOID-OTHERS -- I set my desired direction to avoid those within my personal space

DIRECTION-TOWARDS-OTHERS -- I set my desired direction towards those near me that are not within my personal space

DIRECTION-TO-ALIGN-WITH-OTHERS -- I set my desired direction to align with those within my local interaction range

DIRECTION-NOISE -- My desired direction is noisy

INFORMED-DIRECTION -- I set my desired direction partly based upon where I think we should go

INITIALISE-PREFERRED-DIRECTION -- I become 'informed' by having a non-zero preferred direction

INFORMED-NOISE -- My informed direction is noisy

TURN-IN-DIRECTION-AT-MAXIMUM-SPEED -- I can only turn so fast to reach my desired direction

CREATE-SLIDER-FOR-PERSONAL-SPACE -- for setting the maximum distance of the personal space

CREATE-SLIDER-FOR-LOCAL-INTERACTION -- for setting the maximum distance for interaction

PLOT-AVERAGE-DIRECTION -- Plots the average heading of everyone

Here is a simple swarming model using some of these micro-behaviours.