I create a monitor for the force of the infection.

Begin micro-behaviour


Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for monitor-label Force of Infection        
substitute-text-area-for upper-left-corner-x 5    
substitute-text-area-for upper-left-corner-y 250 
substitute-text-area-for lower-right-corner-x 105  
substitute-text-area-for lower-right-corner-y 300 
substitute-text-area-for monitor-value the-encounter-rate * 52 * the-infection-odds / count all-individuals  
substitute-text-area-for monitor-number-of-decimals 4 

  "monitor-label" ; label of the monitor
  "upper-left-corner-x" "upper-left-corner-y" ; upper left corner (from the upper left corner of the applet) 
  "lower-right-corner-x" "lower-right-corner-y" ; lower right corner
  "monitor-value" ; value being monitored
  "monitor-number-of-decimals" ; number of decimals
End NetLogo code

Related Micro-behaviours

CREATE-ENCOUNTER-RATE-SLIDER and CREATE-INFECTION-ODDS-SLIDER create and control the-encounter-rate and the-infection-odds.

How this works

This creates a NetLogo monitor that continually displays the result of multiplying the-encounter-rate, the-infection-odds, and 52 (weeks in a year) divided by the total population. See CREATE-ENCOUNTER-RATE-SLIDER for details.


This was implemented by Ken Kahn.