You will have the opportunity to build and play games where an epidemic is spreading and you need to stop it. Starting from a simple game you'll be able to change the way the simulated people and viruses behave and add buttons for different ways of trying to stop the epidemic. By building and playing with these models you'll be doing and learning real science. Try it now. (Or try it translated from English)

If you encounter problems running Java applets in your browser you can download the version of the Epidemic Game Maker that connects the game maker in your browser with NetLogo.

If you have already made a game you want to revisit or improve enter its serial number here:

This was created by the Modelling4All Project at the Learning Technologies Group of the Oxford University Computing Services. Ken Kahn, Howard Noble, Arthur Hjorth, and Fabio Ferrentini Sampaio. It was originally developed as part of the Emerging Infections: Viruses that come in from the Wild exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

We wrote the following paper about the Epidemic Game Maker:

Ken Kahn, Howard Noble, Arthur Hjorth, and Fabio Ferrentini Sampaio, Three-minute Constructionist Experiences. Constructionism 2012, Athens, August 2012.