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The Behaviour Composer is a web-based tool designed to support teachers, learners and researchers, including those with little or no programming experience, to build, share, and discuss agent-based computer models. It has been integrated with Google Translate and can be run in over 100 languages.

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There are two ways of running the Behaviour Composer: (1) using the Behaviour Composer to download NetLogo files that one then opens in the NetLogo program or (2) running the generated NetLogo file automatically in the browser using NetLogo Web. (1) requires installation of NetLogo, supports the full NetLogo feature set, and runs faster while (2) simplifies the edit-then-run cycle, works in any browser (including tablets and smart phones) without any installation but it is missing some rarely used NetLogo features. Note that one can choose the mode of operation of the Behaviour Composer by clicking on either the Run or Download tab.

The Epidemic Game Maker provides a way to quickly and easily make models of epidemics and turn the models into games. This works in any browser (including phones and tablets) without installation or any plugins.

My experience when we use the Behaviour Composer tool is that all students are fully involved in building the Sugarscape model, testing various assumptions, and seeing what conclusions they can draw. This is no mean feat! Many colleagues at other business schools are quite surprised, to say the least, when I tell them that we get an entire class of MBA students to build agent-based models.
Dr. Felix Reed-Tsochas, Director, Complex Systems Studies, Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford

Modelling4All, combined with the support of Ken and Howard, enabled me to produce easily and quickly an absorbing and stimulating computer practical for my undergraduate students. In my case, the practical allowed the students to study and manipulate the spread and control of a hypothetical disease, in particular exploring the role of infection networks, but I see the possibilities of Modelling4All in teaching many areas of biology, and have recommended it to my colleagues.
Dr. Robert Belshaw, Zoology, University of Oxford

The Behavioral Composer is an extremely helpful tool for all those who are new to agent-based modelling. It enables students in getting familiar with this type of bottom-up modelling in a relatively short time, and immediate results in terms of animations enhance students’ excitement for learning more about this modelling approach.
Dr. Mathias Czaika, Research Officer, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

Since being introduced to the platform in October 2008, we have been using M4A in our organisation (a research institute). Not only have we made significant headway on our modelling projects, but we have been able to make the process more participatory, sharing models and interacting easily with a range of different people. This has been fun for me and for others in our team...Thank you!
Dr. Richard Taylor, Stockholm Environment Institute

If you are not trained in programming languages, the Modelling4All project gives you the tool you need for building complex agent-based models in a very fast and effective way. And you can easily share your results in an interdisciplinary community. The Modelling4All project is fantastic for an archaeologist like me who explores new methods in my field.
Andreas Duering, doctoral student, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Eduserv's mission is to realise the benefits of IT for learning and research. Funding projects such as Modelling4All enables innovative new approaches to be developed and made freely available for the benefit of learners and researchers.
Andy Powell, Research Programme Director, Eduserv

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